Thursday, January 27, 2011

12 Hour Plays

What do you get when you let teenagers write their own plays?
Angst, angst, and then some more angst.  

Dagny got to perform in a play that was produced in a 12 hour span.  The only things done ahead of time were the writing and the casting; all the blocking, tech stuff, memorization, costuming, and rehearsal were done in one day.  There were 4 short plays and they all shared the common theme of angst.  They were dark, a bit disturbing at times, but extremely well done.  The production quality was quite good, so were the costumes and acting. It was amazing to see what they put together in such a short time. Dagny played a psychiatrist with a murderer as a patient.  She got the murderer to confess and then chased after him to try and stop him from committing suicide.  Angsty?  I think so.  Next year I'm hoping they do a comedy.  

 sadly, the only picture of the night was taken on my camera phone


  1. She glows like a jewel amongst her co-actors.

  2. I have to agree with the comment before mine!!!