Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sparkle Converse

As far as Dagny is concerned Converse are always appropriate footwear. She wears them with everything no matter the occasion.  It's her style statement and I think it's kind of awesome.  When it came time to pick shoes to wear to the prom, it was never a question of what kind, just what color. Dagny wanted sparkly silver but I couldn't find them anywhere, then it occurred to me that I could make them.  Converse are made out of canvas, why not just paint them?  

I started with a pair of plain, white Converse One Star's.  (I picked this kind because they don't have grommets around the lace holes, therefore much easier to paint) I taped around the treads and I was ready to paint.

I found this amazing glitter paint at the craft store that was super easy to apply.  You can also use a mixture of regular glue and glitter, but I really liked the mess-free paint and the smoothness of the result. I used a regular paint brush and it took three coats to get the desired level of sparkle, letting it dry for an hour inbetween coats.

After one coat

After two coats

Once the paint was dry I removed the tape and used an exacto knife to cut
 around the treads to clean up any stray glitter, then I put the laces back in. 

The final result in all it's sparkly glory.

I did this project at night so my pictures aren't that great, the shoes are actually way more glittery than they look. They are going to look amazing with Dagny's prom dress. This was an easy, fun project and now I need to find more things to glitter paint.  


  1. You are an awesome mom! How did Dagny like them?

    1. Dagny thinks they are fabulous, she is absolutely in love with them.