Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Day More

A peak into the way my mind works -

It's leap day, which is an extra day, which means one more day in the year, which leads me to think of the song One Day More from Les Miserables.  Makes perfect sense, right?


This is currently my favorite video in the whole wide world.  I think it is possibly the most romantic thing I've ever seen. You don't need to have watched this show to understand the video, all you need to know is that Brad and Gary are in love, and for their 10th anniversary Gary organized a flash mob of Les Miz for Brad.  Brad was totally unsuspecting and his reaction is priceless. It was the absolute perfect, romantic gift and I've cried every time I've watched it. (which is more times than I'm willing to admit)  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Party Time

I am throwing a Prom Party for Dagny and all her friends.  There will be a pre-party for picture taking and the corsage/boutonniere exchanges, and an after party so the fun doesn't have to end when the prom does.  The fun will actually last all night because the after party is a sleepover.  A co-ed sleepover.  Yeah, I agreed to that. I've had people tell me that I'm crazy to do this, but I think that with proper chaperoning it will work and be fun for everyone. (except for me and Steve since we will not be sleeping, at all)

Party planning is ridiculously fun for me, I thoroughly enjoy all the little details that make a party unique and memorable.  Since this is her party Dagny is my party planning partner.  I run all of my ideas past her and 90% of the time she agrees with me, and the other 10% she thinks I'm going overboard and she brings me back to reality.  She's good like that.  Dagny came up with the color scheme for the party, silver and white.  It sounded kind of bridal to me, but Dagny didn't want anybody's dress to clash with the decor so everyone would have beautiful prom pictures.  I thought that was thoughtful of her, so silver and white it is.  I am making all the decorations myself (with some engineering help from Steve) and I am really hoping that everything turns out the way I see it in my head. If it does, this is going to be the best prom party ever.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Puppy Valentine

Happy Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girls and Gowns

Raising teenagers is not without it's challenges (which is a nice way of saying teenagers are frustrating and annoying) but it also has some perks.  For me, one of those is helping Dagny prepare for life's big, milestone events.  Since this is Dagny's junior year, the big event on the horizon is Junior Prom.  We have spent hours looking at dresses, talking about hair styles and accessories, discussing footwear, and planning the perfect prom party.  This is definitely the fun part of having a teenage daughter. 

I love Dagny's sense of style, she knows what she likes and she has no desire to look like everyone else.   I was very glad about that when we started looking at dresses and realized that the majority of the options would look more appropriate on a 30 year old than they would on a 16 year old. ( Google prom dresses, you'll see what I mean) The kind of dress Dagny wanted was not what we were seeing anywhere but we figured it had to exist somewhere, and we found it once we stopped looking for "prom dresses". Once we broadened our search, there it was.  Before we ordered it Dagny tried on similar silhouettes to make sure that not only would what she wanted look good on her, but also to see if she could move, dance and be comfortable in a ball gown.  The closest thing the store had to the dress we were ordering was a wedding dress.  I had the most surreal moment of my life when I watched my 16 year old walk out of the dressing room in a wedding gown.  It was a beautiful sight, but not one that I need to see again anytime soon.  

We ordered her dream dress and now we are anxiously awaiting it's arrival and anticipating all the shopping we will get to do for shoes and jewelry.  Being a girl is so much fun.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Blogiversary

When I have something to say I like having a place to say it so having a blog is fun for me.  The blog is an excellent place to keep track of all of life's happenings, and sharing my life with family and friends in far away places is the reason I started blogging and it's reason enough to continue. If you've been along for the ride for the last 3 years, thank you.  Stick around, I promise to keep it interesting.