Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer, So Far

It's already the middle of July, can you believe it?  Summer is moving along at an alarming pace and I'm not sure there is enough time left for all the summery fun I was planning.  We are having a stay-cation kind of summer, no big travel plans, just trying to do fun things  inbetween all the kids activities that are keeping us tethered to home. 

For the first month of summer Dagny took a math class and I got to experience what other parents have to go through when I had to drive her to school every morning. The class was 30 minutes away and I did not enjoy getting up early, fighting traffic, or dealing with the parking lot drop-off. The whole situation made me grateful that I haven't had to do that every day all these years.  Luckily, Dagny (reluctantly) learned how to use public transportation and most days she rode the bus home.  

Just as Dagny started class, Dane started football camp.  This is not a random skills camp like he has been to in the past, this is at the school he will be attending, with the team he will be on. (that means he can walk there, I like that)  He has to wear a uniform every day and when I saw him in the school colors for the first time it made it very real that he will be going to school in the fall.  

The big story for Dane this summer is his ankle.  After years of him dealing with pain and having so many different treatments, I finally got his Dr. to send him to a specialist in children's podiatry. It took lots of appointments, but Dane now has custom orthotics that he wears in his shoes and he is going to physical therapy 3 times a week.  Dane is feeling really good about all this and for the first time in years he is running without pain. Watching him suffer with this ankle condition has been excruciating, watching him recover is exhilarating. 

Last week we dropped Dagny off at camp for 3 weeks.  (she is doing the leader-in-training program for 2 weeks, then she will be a regular camper for a week) Dane will join her for the last week, and Steve and I will have our annual week of childless-ness. (!)  After the kids come home Dane heads back to football, but somewhere in there before they start school we are going to find time for some family summer fun.  Count on it. 

the happy camper



  1. Yay for summer fun! Today we begin the part of summer with Rob gone. (He has annual summer training). The girls are usually sad the first day he is gone, but I try to fill it with "Girls Only" type of activities and we have a great time! Then we plan something special to welcome him home. We have 3 straight weeks of GIRL TIME!!!

  2. You always have wonderful activities for your children to experience during the summer. I can't wait to hear all about them. I am sure that you are most excited for the one week of blissful quite with Steve. I hope you have great plans for the week.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Dane's ankle problems. At that same age, I had to get orthotics and go through physical therapy for ankle pain. It worked wonders. My ankles became so strong and, best of all, pain free. Let Dane know that the exercises will work. It is worth the effort.