Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Very Brady Birthday

I'm not sure how our California boy became a New England Patriots fan but they are his favorite team. It has a lot to do with how awesome Tom Brady is, which is totally understandable. The Patriots came to the Bay Area to play the Raiders (which they only do every 6 years) at the beginning of October and Dane got an early birthday present of tickets to the game.  He and Steve went and had amazing seats and a great time.  The Patriots won so it turned out to be a pretty great birthday present. 

Dane's actual birthday was a little bit strange this year.  It was on a Wednesday and for the first time in his life he had to go to school on his birthday.  Usually we would spend the whole day celebrating but this year we had to settle for before and after school.  There was much celebrating and lots of cake and presents and a very happy 14 year-old.

Happy Birthday Dane!


  1. Happy Birthday Dane! Arianna's 7th birthday is next week. She is so excited. I can hardly believe she will be 7!!!!

    Is that "Captain America" i see? Good movie!!! Enjoy!

  2. Smart to see the Pats play the Raiders - we were almost quaranteed to see Brady win. We were sitting behind the vistors bench with mostly Pats fans so we didn't get hassled too much. A very fun day!