Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Very Disney Christmas

I am very big on family traditions, especially holiday traditions.  I surprised myself when I suggested that we forgo our usual Christmas and go to Disneyland instead.  Steve and the kids were all for it, so I ran it by Steve's Dad (who we always spend Christmas with) and when he agreed to come along we were all set for a non-traditional holiday.  That meant that we wouldn't be putting up a tree or lights or decorations, we were going to let Disney do all that.  I liked the idea of not doing all that work, but I'll admit that it was hard going through the month of December with no visible signs of Christmas.  When we walked into Disneyland and saw the gorgeous tree on Main Street, Steve said, "There's your Christmas Tree."  Best tree ever.

My Christmas Tree

 Christmas Lights

Christmas Decorations
When the kids were very little we used to go to Disneyland once or twice a year.  It's a very easy place to vacation with children and we made lots of fun family memories. We did get a bit burned out and as the kids got bigger we went less, Steve hasn't been there since Dagny was 6.  The kids and I went with some friends when Dagny was 10, and that was the last time she was there.  Dane and I have been there most recently, just the two of us went in '10.  Going to Disneyland is always a mix of nostalgia and excitement.  There are the things that never change that bring back fond memories, and then there's the new stuff that's all exciting because you haven't seen it a million times.  The new stuff was pretty great, (World of Color, Toy Story Mania...) but I am a sucker for the nostalgia. Every step we took brought back happy memories of my happy little kids.  I think that is the kind of magic that Mr. Walt Disney created. 

 Too old for Dumbo? Apparently not.

The new Little Mermaid Ride
 (if that had been there when Dagny was 3 we would have had to ride it all day)

 Haunted Mansion Holiday

Too much fun on the Teacups

Yep, that's our family


Dagny got to ride an otter on the King Triton Carousel in California Adventure
(knowing how much she loves otters you can imagine her glee)

Train Ride

The Grizzly River Run with Grandpa and Sue

Inside the Tower of Terror

Dane's Favorite ride is, and always has been, Splash Mountain

There was a time when meeting characters was the highlight of the day, this time not so much.  We saw tons of characters around both parks but only stopped to say hello to a few.


Jack Skellington!  
Loved him, best character we have ever met

Dagny and an old friend


Duffy, the Disney Bear
Never heard of him, but isn't he all cute and Christmassy?

On our last day as we were leaving, Dane said, "We Disneyed the Disney out of that place." That was his perfect way of saying that we couldn't have possibly had any more fun.  We left completely exhausted and feeling like we had done everything there was to do. Nobody does Christmas like Disney, and nobody does family like Disney, so it was the perfect place for our non-traditional family Christmas. 

Captured by pirates on Tom Sawyer's Island
(luckily they escaped and managed to end up with the treasure)

Seriously, there is nothing more delicious than a Tigger Tail
I mean that, it will complete you

You know why Dane isn't in the teacup?  
He wouldn't fit, his legs are too long.  No Joke.

Pretty Princesses

Steve never stops trying to get that sword out
(he would really like to add it to his collection)

The World of Color

Driving around ToonTown with Grandpa

Lotso-Hugs Bear smells like strawberries

Yes, we are adorable

The End


  1. Disney knows how to create that magical holiday environment! But the girls are I are SUPER jealous that you got to meet Jack! We are huge fans. I'm glad you all had a great time some ways, I think Disneyland with teenagers is the best! We are supposed to go to Disneyland this year, sometime, and we can hardly wait!

    Love you guys!

  2. Looks like fun, love the pictures, but you and Steve should be standing by the "hapily ever after"!