Saturday, January 21, 2012


New season, new sport. Dane is now a rugby player.
Rugby is, quite literally, a whole new ball game for me.  My understanding of the game was quite superficial, I've had to do lots of research (meaning watched a lot of YouTube videos) so that I could understand what was going on.  I also have an entire new vocabulary, everything in rugby has a cool name.  They don't play on a field, they play on a pitch, they don't wear cleats, they were boots, they don't play with a ball, they play with a pill, and when they score it is called a try.  Some of my other new favorite words; ruck, maul, scrum, grubber, hooker, flanker, lock, blood bin, and hospital pass.  Yes, I know what they all mean, and the last two are as scary as they sound. 

poor quality phone photo's at the first game of the season


  1. That's a lot of new things to learn. I didn't know any of that! Good luck this season!

  2. I hope Dane is enjoying his new sport. It looks exciting! We are knee deep in the world of wrestling around here. I need to call and catch up with you soon!!!