Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Prom Party

Rainy, wet, cold, miserable...
I think that just about describes the weather on prom day.  

That kind of weather is not a good thing for hair or outdoor parties.  Both of which are a big deal on prom day.  A good party planner always has a Plan B, and for me that meant moving the amazing outdoor party I had planned indoors.  Plan B is never as good as Plan A, but you work with what you have.  The loss of the outdoors was really only a big disappointment to me, I saw the party that could have been and I was a bit sad. Everyone at the party had no idea that it should have been anything other than what it was, and they thought it was awesome. Hooray for Plan B!  The kids loved all the photo props and had an endless amount of fun playing with them.  The food and decorations (which I will blog about separately) were admired and enjoyed, everyone had a great time, so in the end the rain didn't ruin anyone's prom. ( or hair )

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