Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Art of Scrapbooking

Steve has been telling me for years that traditional scrapbooking is over and it's a waste of time and resources. He thinks because pictures are digital that organizing and sharing them should be digital.  To a certain extent I agree with him.  It's much easier to scroll through my phone or the iPad and share pictures with friends that way than it is to pull out all my scrapbooks.  That being said, I still think traditional scrapbooking has a place. I think that there is an art to scrapbooking and I am a big believer in handmade things.  There is, and always will be, something special about creating things by hand.  There is also satisfaction in giving someone a handmade gift.  

My friend Leslie wanted to give her daughter, Jenna, a scrapbook as a graduation gift. She wanted her to have a keepsake of all the big moments from her time in high school.  Leslie knows this is my area of expertise so she asked if I would make it. I knew it would be a big project but I was happy to take it on because I adore Jenna and Leslie.  It took me about 3 weeks to do 20 layouts and when it was all done I was really proud of what I'd made. Leslie could have very easily uploaded all the pictures and had a photo book made from any number of online places, but she wanted Jenna to have something much more than that.  There is a time and place for the convenince of digital but, at least for me, there will also always be a place for the handmade and personal.  

a few of the pages from the book

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