Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Envy Of The World

Sometimes you plan for a new addition to the
family and sometimes one just comes along

Say Hello To Envy

If two is good, then three is better, right?

We borrowed Envy for a weekend and now she's here to stay. (She actually belongs to Cindy but she's going to live with us) Envy is 2 years old, well behaved, and so very lovable. We were instantly smitten, and so were Gavin and Gwen. They love having someone else to play with.

Dagny and Dane have claimed Envy as their own. Gavin so clearly belongs to Steve, and Gwen is my baby, so the kids have decided that Envy is all theirs. She is just soaking up all this attention, I think she likes it here.

The Three Musketeers
Gwen, Gavin, Envy


  1. She is so cute! And looks like she fits right in with the family! Will she be staying indefinitely?

  2. Thanks Natasha, now my kids think they each need their very own dog. Other than that, they are adorable and look quite content. Wonderful pictures!

  3. They are very cute . . especially that little backside pic!

  4. Envy is such a sweet dog, we just fell in love with her. We've realized that 3 dogs is the limit we can handle though.

  5. One thing we discovered: Envy is actually a cat in a dog suit. We still love her though,

  6. Follow Envy continuing adventures at