Sunday, April 25, 2010


Knowing my great love of all geeky technological things, my friends are surprised that I haven't bought an iPad. Steve laughs at me about "drinking the Apple kool-aid" and tells everyone that I'm secretly in love with Steve Jobs, (it's not a secret, I do love him) and that if it has an Apple logo on it I want it. My lack of an iPad is perplexing people.

I decided even before it came out that I wouldn't be getting one. It comes down to a question of want or need. Do I want it? Absolutely, who wouldn't? Do I need it? Not really. Besides, I would never buy a first-generation anything. I like to wait until they work out the kinks and come out with the upgrade.

My resolve to not buy one was tested when I went into the Apple store and saw all the iPads sitting there just waiting for me to fall in love. It was like a siren's call, they want you to come close and touch them. Dane was with me, and as we walked in the store he said, "this is a bad idea, don't go near them" It's sad when the 12 year old is the voice of reason. I did go near them, and I touched, played, caressed, explored, and ultimately fell deeply in love. The iPad is an easy thing to love, but in this situation love just isn't enough. This isn't a relationship I need to be in.

Not yet, anyway.

The mother-ship of all Apple stores, 5th Avenue in NYC


  1. Good for you! There is a big difference between needs and wants that most people can't distinguish from. You must have quite the will-power to go in the store and come out without and iPad in your hand.

  2. Good job! I agree with not buying anything "first generation". I also like to wait awhile, to make sure it's something that will not cause more frustration than convenience! By the way, the NYC Apple store is quite a sight to behold!