Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Protest!

International Protest - Save Japan's Dolphins
October 14, 2010

Why is Dane standing standing on a street corner in San Francisco next to a giant inflatable dolphin?   

The answer is simple, we wanted to add our voices to the millions of other people around the world who oppose the slaughter of dolphins in Japan.  We both felt very strongly that we wanted to take part in the International Protest so we made some signs and joined the other protesters in front of the Japanese Consulate. 

We held up our signs and handed out information to the passers-by who were really friendly and receptive.  I think Dane was expecting more hostility, but this is San Francisco.  At one point a guy from the consulate came out and the protest organizer presented him with a petition, it was done with a great deal of civility and graciousness.  

The funny/cute story of the day is that Dane was given the job of standing behind the inflatable dolphin to keep it from flipping over so Dane actually got to "protect a dolphin". 

If you want to know more about what's going on with the dolphins in Japan, watch the movie The Cove, and check out our friend Elora's blog.  She and her father (who is a member of Sea Shepherd) are in Taiji right now acting as "cove guardians".   Part of our reason for participating in the protest was to show our support for what she, and her family, are doing. 


  1. Cool. There's nothing like getting involved in a good cause! That is so sad to see whats been happening, and I hope this makes a difference.

  2. This is great Natasha... I am so glad you guys went. It looked like a fun group. I am looking forward to the International Anti Whaling Day protest on Nov. 5th. Can you believe Elora is doing this? So far from the little girl playing at Osage park with Dagny and Dane! They are all growing up so fast!!

  3. I was glad you and Dane were able to participate. I hope the Japanese people will realize what is happening within their country and take action to stop the killing of dolphins. We should extend our humanity to include other intelligent animals like dolphins, whales, gorillas, and chimps who think and feel and deserve compassion.