Saturday, November 6, 2010

In The Presence Of Giants

San Francisco Giants 
 World Series Champions 

I'd say that calls for a parade

As a rule I am not a big fan of parades, and Steve is not a fan of crowds, so Dane was surprised when we told him we were all going to the Giants celebration parade.  I explained that it was actually more than a parade, it was a party.  A party with more than a million guests.  

The party started at the BART station, where it was a 30 minute wait to buy tickets, it continued on the train where it was standing room only,(I felt bad for the people who were actually on their way to work) and then it got crazy the second we emerged onto Market Street into a sea of black and orange. It was loud and crowded, but not out of control.  People were laughing and high-fiving each other, it was definitely a party atmosphere.   Everyone was there for the same reason and we were all having a good time.  

The parade itself was awesome.  Seeing the players up close and watching them interact with the fans was very cool.  It felt like a celebration of the city of San Francisco as well as of the team, it was actually very moving.  Since this was the first World Series win for the SF Giants in their 50+ year history, there was a lot of talk about all those life long  fans who weren't there to enjoy that moment.  I thought of Steve's mom, who took me to my very first major league baseball game at Candlestick. She loved Bay Area baseball and she would have loved all of this.  It was an unforgettable party and an unforgettable season.

Faces Of The Franchise
Lou Seal and Tim Lincecum

Steve can now say that he "caught" Brian Wilson.  
Wilson with the t-shirt throw, Steve with the catch. 

...and finally

The Sign of a True Fan                

Steve's Halloween 
nod to the Giants


  1. I love that you went as a family and had such a great time! I am not a fan of huge crowds either...but on rare occasions, it can be worth it! :)

  2. Love the pumpkin, truly a unique tribute.