Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Tradition, With A Twist

No matter how many other Easter parties or egg hunts or holiday festivities we engage in, we always celebrate Easter with a private egg hunt in our yard. I fill the plastic eggs, Steve hides them, Dagny and Dane hunt. Fun? Yes.  In deference to the fact that Dagny and Dane are now teenagers and far too mature for this sort of silliness, it was decided that this year would be our last egg hunt. (no sadness on my part, we had a good run) Dagny didn't want to search for eggs but she still wanted to be part of the fun, so she became the hider of eggs. (Steve was demoted from his position of Easter Bunny, I don't think he minded)  Thinking that Dane would need the eggs to be well hidden so the hunt would be a challenge, Dagny proceeded to hide them.  When I say hide, I mean hide. She put a lot of thought into trickery and camouflage.  That is what earned her the nickname Evil Easter Bunny. She put eggs in thorny rose bushes, down drains, way up high, she even dug a hole in the lawn, put a green egg in it, then covered it up with grass.  I think it was the longest egg hunt we've ever had, and one of the funniest. Dane wasn't thrilled with all the hiding places, but in the end he had a basket full of chocolate and it was hard to be mad at the Easter bunny, even if she is a little evil. 

Dagny, the Evil Easter Bunny

Was it necessary to put the egg deep inside the spiny bush?
(probably not necessary, but definitely funny)

 Found One

 At The End Of The Hunt All Is Forgiven

 The Reward For The Easter Bunny's Evil Deeds?  Chocolate, Of Course.


  1. What a fun way to enjoy the "hunt for eggs" as teenagers! And hey, since they were both rewarded with Chocolate at the end of it seems perfectly fine with me!

  2. At least on Dagny's egg hunt we ended up with all the eggs. She and I both hid them in remote locations, the difference was she could remember all the hiding places. We'd eventually find all the eggs I hid - 6 months later when the dogs got them. Dagny was a much better bunny.