Monday, August 1, 2011

Camp? We Love Camp!

Since this is theater camp there is lots of music, dance, drama etc... that the campers work on all week then they showcase everything on the last day of camp.  I'm not going to lie, I broke down and shed some tears during the performances.  Seriously, I cried like a baby. Dagny took part in a readers theater and a dance number, both were excellent and I was impressed with her performances and that she branched out and tried new things, but those were not what brought me to tears. Dagny taught a workshop this year, which is something they usually only let staff do. Dagny went to the camp director with her idea and a syllabus, he gave her the green light and she put together a class. She choreographed a hula and then taught it.  That in itself is tear-worthy, but the thing that really got me is that Dane was one of her students.  When you send your kids out into the world you always hope that they will support each other and have each other's backs, but to see it actually happen is amazing.  Dane is not the best dancer, but he put in a lot of effort and he supported his sister, that counts for a lot.  I was so impressed with what Dagny taught those kids in only five, one- hour sessions, and it was obvious that she was a good teacher because their performance was pretty good.  After she introduced her class and the dance, she sat in the audience and just watched.  No coaching, no helping, just total confidence in her students and what she had taught them. Believe me, you would have cried too. 

Dane's trophy

introducing her class

 hula dancers

saying goodbye

the end


  1. You have wonderful children and have taught them well. We can't wait until we can visit with your family again this fall. Love you!!!