Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Magic Of Disney

As the first day of school looms on Dane's horizon he is starting to realize that his free time is about to be significantly curtailed. He will be at school from 7:30-3:30, then at football until 6:30. He will no longer have the luxury of sleeping in, and he has had to banish all thoughts of video games. His life is about to completely change. One change that neither one of us is looking forward to is the loss of time we spend together. Dane and I are used to hanging out together every day. Aside from his school work, we do all kinds of other things that it's going to be hard to live without. We were reminiscing about all the good times we have had in the last couple of years and we agreed that the week we spent in Disneyland was pretty amazing and we were so glad that we did that together.  I could never recreate that experience, but I found he next best thing, The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.  We spent the last day before school started with Walt and it was a perfect. 

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  1. How fun! I hope to be able to go there someday! Good luck with the coming year Dane!!!