Sunday, May 6, 2012


They say that soccer is a gentelman's sport played by hooligans and that rugby is a hooligan's sport played by gentlemen. As violent as rugby is (and it is violent) I have to agree that it is played by gentlemen.  The rugby teams foster a sense of community on and off the field.  They play against each other, but ultimately they are all rugby players.  Dane loved playing rugby, everything about it.  He came home from his very first practice and said that it was the most fun he had ever had.  I certainly had fun watching him play.  His games were all over the Bay Area so we ended up in some new and interesting places, every weekend was an adventure.  I watched the games with both excitement and terror.  Every play has the potential for injury, (and we saw plenty of injuries; broken fingers, broken legs, bloody noses, concussions..) Dane managed to make it though the season with only minor cuts and bruises so I was lucky to have slightly more excitement than terror.  Rugby is an awesome sport, fun to watch and fun to play.  Can't wait for next season.  

in the ruck #3

the lock in the middle of the scrum



  1. I'm jealous that I didn't get to play Rugby when I was his age, it does seem really fun.

  2. And the uniforms are cool.

  3. I hope that Darci and I will get to see him play sometime.