Sunday, October 28, 2012

Giants Win The Series!

For us, the Giants 2012 season was 162 regular season games either watched or read about, and then thoroughly discussed over the morning paper. There were afternoons spent together at AT&T Park seeing it all live, and there was the night where we watched every pitch of a perfect game.  Giants games were a family gathering and a shared passion.  We followed every up and down from April through September and then watched on a tiny TV at the hospital by Steve's bedside as the clinched the NL West.  And finally, it was 3 epic post-season battles that ended in the Giants sweeping the Tigers and becoming the World Series Champions.  What a ride.

After the last out of the World Series Dagny and Dane rushed outside and ran around screaming.  Dane took his shirt off and was swinging it around over his head and then, before you knew it, Steve had joined them.  Two shirtless screaming guys and a completely ecstatic girl whooping it up for all to see.  Best Celebration Ever.

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  1. This baseball season was really amazing as a Giants fan. The torture was terrible at times (the late innings of Game 5 in Cincinati) but the end result was all worth it. Let's do it again in 2013!