Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Whovian Halloween

The Halloween costumes this year require a bit of backstory.

Last spring I got sick. Some nasty bug Dagny brought home from school got me and I was out for about a week.  If my kids were younger and needier I couldn't have spent a week in bed but because they are old enough to (mostly) fend for themselves and they have such a helpful father, I was actually able to be sick.  My head hurt too badly to concentrate on a book so I decided to just watch stuff on my iPad to pass the time.  I went through my Netflix cue looking for something that wouldn't be too involved and I settled on Doctor Who.  The next thing I knew I had watched 6 seasons of the show. (I may, or may not, have stayed in bed a day longer than I needed to just so I could finish season 6) So much for not getting involved.  For the next month I talked about Doctor Who in hopes of getting some member of my family interested in watching it so I would have somebody to share in my Doctor love. (I did get some of my friends to watch but what I really wanted was an in-house confidant)  None of them were buying it and they actually made fun of me. (like any of them have room to talk, being as geeky as they are) One day Dagny makes a comment and I realize that she has secretly been watching Doctor Who and she just didn't want to admit it to me. Now that she had been outed her love for the Doctor was in the open and we could obsess together.  (Dagny found out that most of her friends watch the show and she talked her boyfriend into watching so she feels very cool about the whole thing, but lets just remember who started it) Over the summer she discussed The Doctor with her Doctor obsessed friends and they came up with the idea of dressing up as characters from the show for Halloween.  The idea stuck, and they even talked other people into dressing up as Who characters.  So, there is the background. Me watching Doctor Who has turned into Dagny dressing up as Amy Pond and Austin as Rory Williams.  I have been working on their costumes and they are going to be authentic and amazing.  (I think they are even cosplay quality and they can wear them to WonderCon next year, how exciting) 

These are the looks they've chosen -

Rory from Vampires in Venice

Amy from Time of Angles/Flesh and Stone
(Dagny may have picked that particular look because it
 means she will get a brand new pair Converse, smart girl)


  1. Be fair here, I did give Doctor Who a try. I watched several episodes and it is not bad, I just prefer shows that are a bit darker and less whimsical; like Breaking Bad, Dexter, etc.