Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Campers

My house is full of noise and dirty laundry, that can only mean that my campers are home. They are simultaneously happy to be home and sad that camp is over. I won't lie, I'm happy they're back. Silence is overrated. When we got to camp and saw Dagny hurtling down the hill toward us I realized that it had been a really long week. We found Dane in line for lunch with a plate of food in his hand, when he saw us he handed his plate to Steve and hugged me. I was touched that I came before his hot dog. We all ate together then the kids gave us a tour of the camp and introduced us to their friends. Then it was time for us to see a little part of what they had been up to all week. We watched Dagny act/recite a poem, after that we saw Dane perform in a stage combat scene, and then listened to Dagny sing with a rock band. Amazing, all of it. On the drive home they took turns telling their camp stories. There was so much laughter and positivity, I'd say camp was a huge success. I can't believe that in just a week they grew up so much. They both seem so much older and more mature. I guess all those new experiences will do that to you.

*I took lots of pictures but they all include kids that are not my own. I am still unclear on the ethics of posting pictures of other people's kids without permission. To be on the safe side I won't post any pics of random minors.

with his counselor, Grilled Cheese

showing off her cabin

love for SDC


  1. Isn't the noise of children great? You know what that means though, your not ready for the empty nest.
    It looks like they had a great time. I think that it is wonderful that they could attend the same camp together for support.

  2. Looks like they had a blast. I am envious! :) (Not of the dirty laundry they brought home though. I have memories of my brothers coming home from camp...and all the smells they brought with them!) Glad they are back and had a good time!