Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wake Up Call

When I woke up this morning this is what I saw

He was sitting on my chest staring at me.

Gavin has a morning routine. He and Steve wake up before the rest of us, they go downstairs and Gavin does his outside business, hangs out while Steve has breakfast, then heads upstairs and jumps on Dane's bed and sleeps there until Dane gets up. With Dane being gone, Gavin has had to find another person to share his morning nap with. That would be me. This is not necessarily a bad thing, (he's quite snuggly and a good nap partner) except that I have been sleeping in because I haven't been sleeping at night. Gavin usually sleeps in his crate in Dane's room. While Dane is gone, we brought his crate into our room, and Gavin sleeps at the foot of our bed. (he doesn't like sleeping alone, it makes him cry) The downside to this is that the dog snores. Really loud. Dane sleeps like the dead, nothing wakes his up, so he's the perfect roommate for Gavin. Not so much with me. Ever since I had kids the slightest noise wakes me up. I have like super-sonic, nighttime, mommy hearing. That isn't a bad thing when you're dealing with babies, but it's a definite negative when dealing with a snoring Frenchie. What to do? I'm thinking earplugs, and possibly an afternoon nap.


  1. What a good mom [for human and doggie babies you are]

  2. Your a great Mom and yes, an afternoon nap sounds like a perfect remedy until Dane returns. Good luck!

  3. The snoring isn't as bad as the foot biting. For some reason Gavin wakes up a couple of times each night and gnaws on his paws or claws (or both). We don't know if his feet bother him or this is just the canine equivalent of biting your nails. He only seems to do it when he's bored, so I think it's just a nervous habit. A LOUD one at 3 am.

  4. Love Gavin! My girls love seeing the blogs about him too! They want a dog so badly!!!