Friday, July 10, 2009

Over The Hill

One of the reasons we moved to California all those years ago was to live near Steve's family. That's worked out pretty well. Dagny and Dane have a great relationship with their grandpa, and they have something not everyone has, a Great Grandmother. Grandma recently celebrated her 93rd birthday. Her memory isn't that great, but her sense of humor is intact. When we talked about how old she was, she said, "I'm over the hill!" She may be over the hill, but she's still a wonderful Grandma.


  1. It is wonderful that Dane and Dagny are able to have a relationship with their great-grandmother. It is very rare and special memory that they will always cheris. I can only imagine what joy she must experience from the visits she recieves from you and your family.
    We tried to get their other great-grandmother to attend our Family Reunion so that all of the great and great-great grandchildren could spend a little time with her, but she was celebrating her 98th birthday in the Mesa area.

  2. Yeah, I missed not having great-grandma at the Reunion. She is my kids great-great grandma...and that is really neat. We got a picture of me and the two girls with her when Tati was a baby. That pic. will always be special to me.

  3. I found your blog from your post on Sheila's blog. You have given your children a real gift by living close to their grandparents. We were 3,000 miles from our family during my children's younger years, so we made sure they got to spend time with grandparents every year. We were so successful in fostering that relationship that both sons moved to Vermont as adults!