Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Soundtrack

There's a lot to enjoy during the holidays, and for me, every single one of those things is enhanced by the presence of Christmas music. I cue up my playlist of holiday favorites the day after Thanksgiving and the fun doesn't stop until the New Year. The right song makes standing in line at the mall less tedious, it's the perfect accompaniment when you're ice skating at the outdoor rink, it sets the mood as you drink hot chocolate by the fire, it heightens the excitement of opening presents... Basically holiday music is magical and I love it.

A Few of My Favorites

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
~ Judy Garland

I'll Be Home For Christmas
~ Tony Bennett

We Wish You The Merriest
~ Frank Sinatra

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
~ Andy Williams

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
~ Bing Crosby

Step Into Christmas
~ Elton John

Cool Yule
~ Louis Armstrong

Little Saint Nick
~ Beach Boys

Let It Snow
~ Harry Connick Jr.

Christmas Waltz
~ Rosemary Clooney


  1. To add the Grinch perspective: I don't mind holiday music, but I don't like the overload when it's all that's on the radio, it's playing at every store, in every commercial, etc. Your selection of music is great, but there is some awful stuff too and that seems to be what's on most often. How about a list of bad holiday music?

  2. Lol. Steve has a point...there are some songs out there that are not my favorite. But I have to say that I too LOVE Christmas music and I look forward to enjoying it in many forms throughout the holiday season! Natasha, I love your list of favorites!

  3. Do you remember as a child when Dad would not allow us to play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving? Well, now that I am grown I play it every once and awhile throughout the year, but I especially enjoy it during the holiday season. It creates the perfect atmosphere for Christmas.

    Not only do I like your list of songs, but the performers are some of my favorite as well.