Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How Dane Saved Christmas


The other day when we were out to lunch Dane picked up a handful of cash off the floor. Actually, handful of cash doesn't quite cover it, it was a wad of $100 dollar bills. Tons of them, well over $2,ooo. Steve and Dane deduced that the man ahead of us in line had dropped the money and they chased after him. He was easy to follow because he'd left a trail of $100's that were falling out of his pockets. By the time they caught up with him as he was getting in his car, Dane had collected another thousand dollars off the ground. Dane handed over the cash, the man had no idea he had even dropped any of it. He thanked Dane and drove away. Dane would like to think that the guy had just withdrawn all that money from the bank and was on his way to do his Christmas shopping for his kids. Therefore Dane feels that he saved someone's Christmas. I'm not really concerned about that guy's Christmas, I'm just impressed that Dane didn't pocket any of the money. Way to make a mother proud.


  1. Way to make a mother proud indeed. I've never heard of someone dropping money in such large amounts. It sounds as though Dane didn't even think twice about what must be done with the money. Way to do the right thing Dane!!! (and I love the pic!)

  2. That would have been quite the temptation, way to go Dane, I am sure you did save someone's Christmas. A perfect ending to the story would have been for the gentlemen to offer a reward for such honesty, it is hard to come by these days.