Saturday, December 26, 2009

O Tannenbaum

Here's the way Christmas tree decorating works at our house; I decorate the big tree and the kids have small trees of their own that they decorate. That way my tree looks the way I want it to and my mom-guilt is assuaged because the kids still get to use their funky ornaments and decorate to their hearts content. One year Dagny re-decorated her tree every single day and Dane used his Star Wars figures as ornaments. That's something that I wouldn't let them do to my tree, so our tree decorating solution is a win for all involved.

Every few years I'll do something completely new with the tree. I went through a gold phase, then silver, one year I did everything in blue and silver. (Steve refers to that as our Chanukah Christmas) When the kids were younger I would match the decorations to their Christmas outfits. Yes, I'm that crazy.

one of Dagny's masterpieces

Shiny Silver

Happy Chanukah

The Red Phase

even the presents match

2009 - The Bronze Age


  1. I love the different tree phases...and the matching outfits. That is something I would do if I had the means. It would be lots of fun. And we are going to have to work out a tree decorating plan over here. Tatianna and Arianna were redecorating our tree evertime I turned the corner. They loved being able to help...but I did not love having to go around and re-do the branches that had as many as 5 ornaments hanging on them. hehe. Towards the end I sort of gave up and let them. Perhaps next year we can come to some sort of agreement! :)

  2. I love your phases of Christmas. It is exciting to see what each year will bring.