Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chocolate Time

Here is something that I know to be true -

Brownies make everything better

Whatever the situation, you just can't go wrong with a brownie. We all know that I'm cooking impaired, but brownies are something I excel at. I will tell you my secret. I don't make them from scratch, they are "faux-made". That means I use a mix, but put my own spin on it. I add 3 different kinds of high-end chocolate pieces (my favorite are Ghiradelli chocolate chunks) and end up with the most decadent brownies in creation. I made a batch this week and the warm, gooey, goodness was the perfect juxtaposition to the cold, gray weather.

Since brownies are the only thing I actually bake, I was intrigued by this product.

Dane saw it and felt that I had to have it. I put my cynicism aside (when has anything As See On TV ever worked?) and bought one. Imagine my surprise when it actually did what it said it would. I am officially endorsing this product, I love it. Now my faux-made baking is even easier.


  1. I must does look pretty cool! And the fact that it actually works is a definite bonus. :) I LOVE brownies!

    And I like your new blog design too!

  2. I totally want one of those too. I am not a person for the as seen on TV stuff. But my friend got one and it is so cool.

  3. It is true, brownies can cure many things. I will take your word that the pan works well and put it on my wish list.