Sunday, January 3, 2010

There and Back Again

I love the last 2 weeks of December, they are possibly the best 2 weeks of the year. Steve always takes that time off from work, it's Christmas, our anniversary, New Years, and the kids go to winter camp. I told you it was good.

Off to camp they go

This is Gavin's sad face.
He actually looks like this all the time but
especially when his small humans are at camp

Camp is filled with many fantastical activities
like nature hikes and campfires, but since
this is the coolest camp ever,
they also had a New Years Eve Ball

This is Gavin's Happy New Year face

Home Again

Treasures were shared

They came back happier and dirtier,
that means they had a good time

While the kids were away we enjoyed ourselves immensely, we had fun and accomplished very little. We hung out with our friends, had a swanky night out on our anniversary, and unfortunately took pictures of none of it. I have a terrible habit of only getting my camera out when my kids or the dogs are around. So there's my New Years resolution, take more pictures. I think I can handle that one.


  1. Sounds like a good time for all involved! And I have the same problem when it comes to pictures. Perhaps I'll work on it as well this year. Glad you guys enjoyed the end of 2009!

  2. It does sound like the best two weeks of the year, you have lots to celebrate. I think that your New Year's resolution is a great one and one that you can succeed at.

  3. Dagny sure knows how to pose for a picture - she certainly didn't get that from the Eckert side, must be a Lewis thing.