Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling...

Guess what? It's still raining. This storm just isn't going anywhere and life must go on, so I've been forced out of my warm cocoon and into the wet reality.

I don't really mind a rainy day in and of itself, but there are some by-products of this weather that I could do without.

When it rains;

  • people forget how to drive. Seriously, if you can't remember to slow down and turn your lights on, stay home.
  • dogs do not enjoy going outside to do their doggy business. That means an alternate location for said business is found. Enough said.
  • it does really bad things to my hair. I've spent an inordinate amount of time in my life trying to make my curly hair straight and when it's raining it's a battle I just can't win.
  • it's all people can talk about. I'm proof of that.


  1. One more: the teenager, who can normally get herself to school, needs to be driven. That means a trip to through the high school parking lot log jammed with all the other parents and teenage drivers in the dark. Fun.

  2. Hey you gave your blog a face-lift. I love it! We have been watching the news of the rain in California. Brigitta has been quite concerned about you and asked if she could call you sometime. When would be best for you?

  3. My darling niece can call me anytime, I'm usually home in the morning.