Thursday, March 25, 2010

Live At The Fillmore

Dagny and I had the most amazing time at the Jamie Cullum concert this week. Jamie was absolutely fantastic, and it was really fun being there with Dagny. Having a teenager that appreciates all types of music is a very cool thing. (it was a school night, so taking Dagny with me either makes me the most awesome or the most irresponsible mom ever) The show was at the Fillmore, which I love. It's historic, gorgeous, intimate, and you get to stand up and dance during the show. (he played for almost 3 hours, I didn't notice how bad my feet hurt until it was all over)

Seeing Jamie Cullum live is an experience, he doesn't disappoint. He is tireless; he plays piano and guitar, dances, improvises, and always looks like he is having the time of his life. He played mostly stuff from his new album, The Pursuit, but he threw in some old favorites, and even came down into the audience and sang Cry Me A River. I am always amazed to see someone that talented, what a great night.

I don't have any video from our concert, but I found this from a show he did a few nights earlier. It's pretty much just like what we saw, and it's one of my favorites songs from the new album.


  1. How cool that you got to do that together. And you got some cool pics too! Nice job! :) I'd cast my vote as being the coolest mom for taking her on a school night!

  2. What a great girls night out activity. I agree that it was an "awesome" thing to do. These little get-ways will mean so much to both of you as the years fly by.