Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Arizona and Hawaii are better than California.


They don't participate in the ludicrous practice of Daylight Saving Time.

I hate Daylight Saving Time. The debate over the advantages and disadvantage of DST has gone on since Benjamin Franklin first (jokingly) suggested it in 1784.

I am here to end the debate, it's not a good idea.

Spring forward, fall back, it's just stupid. I applaud you, Arizona and Hawaii, you are the smart ones.


  1. We (Arizona people) have to argue our point every year! And its no fun trying to keep track of when time is changing for everyone else. It just seems silly to me. Good luck ending the debate! I'm on your side for sure!!!

  2. Another great reason to move back! :)

  3. I hate Day Light Saving. It takes an hour away on a beautiful spring day so you can have an extra one in winter. It's like taking away a day at Disneyland then giving you an extra day of waiting in line at the DMV.

  4. Plus your body clock is messed up for days and you waste at least an hour resetting clocks. Down with Day Light Saving.