Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Power Of Positive Thinking

My thoughts today are in Arizona with my sister Sabrina and her family.

Last summer Sabrina invited us to her house for a family dinner. All her kids were there, babies were crawling on the floor, I was sitting with Brigitta snuggled next to me, and everyone was laughing. Mar-Kay walked in the door and before he did anything else he found Sabrina in the crowd and kissed her. That is how I picture my sister, surrounded by the love and family that she created.

Get well soon! Love you, Sabrina


  1. Thanks for adding your thoughts to ours. We all did our best to be positive and carry on as she was in the hospital. And how wonderful it was to hear her voice at 9pm last night...even if it was for just a moment. We feel very blessed!

  2. Beautiful post! Thank you so much, I appreciated yor positive thoughts. I enjoyed very much talking to you the other day.