Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There's A Fine, Fine Line

Avenue Q

...It's like Sesame Street
for Grown-Ups

I love Avenue Q. I saw it for the first time with Steve a few years ago, it was the National Touring Company and the show was excellent. It's hard to believe that a show starring puppets provides such high quality entertainment, but Avenue Q delivers. (did you know that it beat Wicked for the Best New Musical Tony in '04?) It's clever and a bit naughty and really funny.

The very first community theater in the country to get the rights to Avenue Q is one of our local theaters, it's a big honor for them, and lucky for us. This time around I went with Dagny, and our friends Leslie and Jenna. I don't think anybody in the theater had more fun than we did. I will admit that the show quality wasn't what it was when I saw it in San Francisco, but it was still completely entertaining. I love that all of this great theater is right in my own backyard and it's very fun to get to share it with Dagny.


  1. That's amazing that your community theatre got the rights. It is so wonderful that you can share so much with Dagny. She is blessed to have such a terrific Mom.

  2. How fun to go together. I am hoping to take the girls to see their very first musical (other than my school productions) in January. I think they will love the experience, and I look forward to sharing more with them as they grow older!

  3. This sounds a lot like meet the feebles?

  4. Not really like the Feebles, these puppets are actually funny.

  5. Writing theatre reviews online? I thought the internet was for porn ...