Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Dagny didn't get just a birthday or even a birth-week this year, she got an entire month of birthday goodness.  She had the big party with her friends last month, then 3 weeks of being the birthday girl until her actual birthday today.  Steve calls it the never-ending birthday. 

Today was the final celebration and that included several of Dagny's favorite things; special birthday breakfast, her sign on the Danville Oak Tree, a trip to the zoo, (specifically to see the otters) sushi for dinner, a fruit tart, presents, and the annual watching of Princess Mononoke.  

Now the celebrating is officially over and Dagny can get around to just enjoying being 16.

Happy Birthday Dagny!

otter watching at the zoo

 elephant viewing with Dane and Austin

 Grandpa joined in on the zoo fun

 3 new colors of Converse to add to her collection

 16 Candles

 the birthday sign on the old Oak Tree

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  1. Awesome! I should have come and celebrated my birthday with you guys! :)

    P.S. I love going to the Zoo to see the Otters too!