Monday, June 27, 2011


Envy's puppies are due on the 1st.  She's gotten pretty big and you know she must be uncomfortable, I think she's anxious to get those puppies out of her.  Envy says being pregnant is no picnic. (except for all the pampering and extra food, that part hasn't been so bad)

A view from the inside

 ...and the outside
 I think her face says it all


  1. aaah... sweet girl. Amazing xray! Thank you for sharing.

  2. That is such a neat xray. I can't wait to see her puppies! She looks completely ready to be done!

  3. The side shot reminds me of a mother pig we saw at the County Fair ... poor Envy. She has enjoyed all the extra attention and gourmet food.

  4. Okay, the title was intriguing and for a brief moment, very brief I thought you might be announcing something yourself? :) I am glad that her suffering is over now that the puppies have been born.