Friday, June 3, 2011

Frenchie Fun

Do you know what is even more fun than hanging out with one French Bulldog? Being in a room full of them. Dane and I went to the Northern California French Bulldog Specialty and we were surrounded by Frenchies.  It was awesome.  Lots of Gavin's family members were being shown, including his mother and son, and it's always fun to watch them win. Most of the time Dane and I don't understand exactly what's going on (dog shows have lots of categories and lots of rules, we haven't figured out all the subtleties) but it doesn't really impede our enjoyment.
Summer has been staying with us the last few weeks and we have been taking all four Frenchies on lots of outings and adventures. (the other day a lady saw us walking and called them a gaggle.  I'm pretty sure dogs are a pack, not a gaggle, but it was still a funny thing to hear) Recently they went to Dogs on Broadway in Walnut Creek, and Doggie Night in Danville.  They got to be admired (which they enjoy) and meet lots of other dogs.  The funny thing is they are mostly oblivious to other dogs, unless they are bulldogs. French or English, they don't discriminate, but they are only interested in you if you are a bulldog.  Strange, but true.

The big news in our dog world is that Envy is going to be a mother.  Expect lots of puppy pictures in July.

the mother-to-be


  1. The dogs had a great time meeting other dogs and being admired at the Dog Day event. Gavin embarassed himself a bit though when he met a very cute little 8 month old girl frenchie. Appearantly the 3 girl dogs at home aren't enough, he's still looking to add to his harem.

  2. I'm glad you and Dane were able to make it to the dog was fun. Looks like the gang had a blast at the doggie events. Envy looks so very annoyed in the last photo, but it's cute!

  3. The dogs like seeing other dogs and being admired, but Gavin only really gets excited about other bulldogs - French or English. We met a cute little 8 month old girl Frenchie at the Dog Day and it was love at first sight. 3 girls is not enough for Gavin apperantly ...

  4. What a great experience. I love that you blog about all of the adventures you are having with Dane.