Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happiest Memories On Earth

During our week at the House of Mouse -

We Saw Some Old Friends

Chatted Up Some Princesses

Ate Yummy Food

Rode All The Rides

Got Really, Really Wet

Acted Completely Silly

...and made lots of magical memories.

I loved every minute of hanging out with Dane, this was the perfect time for us to take this trip together. At this moment I'm still "the woman" in his life but that won't be true for much longer. Dane and I are two of kind, we like the same things and it's so easy to have fun together. He was patient about my need to take pictures of everything, and I endured his constant need for a churro. We made a pretty good team.

Disneyland in February is virtually empty, no crowds, no waiting in line, (especially the day it rained. Best day in Dland ever, once we bought some rain ponchos. We ran around the park and walked on every ride. It felt like we were the only people there, it was awesome.) there was no rush to do anything. We rode on every ride and went in every shop in both parks. I enjoyed the lack of stress, it's truly a vacation when the biggest decisions you have to make all day are where to eat and what ride to go on next.

....and now a thank-you to our sponsor.

Steve is the man behind the curtain who makes all the fun possible.


  1. It looks like you had a great time! What a wonderful place to spend one on one time with your child. You will both remember it for the rest of your lives. I only wish Kendrick and I were able to go with you. We would have had a blast. Steve is a great guy to let you have a special vacation together. You have a terrific family!

  2. Yay Steve! I loved ALL the pictures! When we went for Christmas, all we could find was Goofy. But I guess when you are almost the only ones there its easier to get all those fun pics! What a special way to make memories.

    Last year I took my high school choirs to Disneyland in April. Because Shantell and Paige were also my students, we got to hang out together all day. It was lots of fun! I know I will always remember our time there together!

  3. Glad you had fun. Dagny and the Bullies and I missed you both.

  4. I especially liked the picture of Dane and Belle: Beauty and the beast! lol