Saturday, September 3, 2011

Together We're Giant

They say that after the 2010 baseball season the Giants are a part of you. That's definitely true in our family.  We love our Giants and we have a lot of fun watching them play.  I used to think baseball was boring but that was because I didn't really understand the finer points of the game. Also, being invested in the players helps keep it interesting.  We spent an amazing afternoon at AT&T park watching the Giants play the Astro's, the Giants lost but it was a very exciting, close game. We had awesome seats and were surrounded by fun people, it was like a big party. The Giants play in arguably the best park in the major leagues, it's absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Always a highlight of live baseball, the food.  I'm not talking about hot dogs, they have those, but they also have stuff that you wouldn't believe is at a baseball game. Fish n' Chips? Crab sandwich?  Only in San Francisco. 

Go Giants!



  1. Too bad the Giants didn't win (the game or the division). I was still an exciting game, and AT&T park is an amazing venue.

  2. Note to self: Never wear the Brian Wilson parade shirt again. Fat people should not wear orange, it makes you look like a giant pumpkin.