Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back To The 80's

When I asked Dagny if she would be going to the 'Welcome Back Dance' at school she sat me down and had a little talk with me. She explained that high school dances are not the way I remember them, now they are all about rap music and freak dancing. She told me that people no longer know how to dance facing each other and "school dances are not like a John Hughes movie" How sad is that?  Back in the day the dances I went to were straight out of a John Hughes movie and they were awesome.  I told Dagny how disappointed I was that she was missing out on that kind of awesome, then we decided she didn't have to miss out on it because we could make it happen right in our own home. Dagny invited her friends, I made some snacks and decorations, and we turned our front room into a dance floor.

This is the invite she sent out -
...Have you ever wished you could go to a school dance and dance to music you like, with people you like, without that one guy from your math class grinding someone right behind you? A dance the way dances should be? Well, I'm throwing a 'Welcome Back Dance' at my house! It's going to have great music, lots of snacks, and lots of awesome. 

There was lots of awesome, it was a night that would have made John Hughes proud.  

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  1. Yes!!! I love it! And i can guarantee that it was way more fun than any "school" dance nowadays. (or even when I was in school).