Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Dane and the dogs did me a huge favor this year by recycling costumes.  Dane wore his Captain Hammer costume that we put together for WonderCon earlier this year, and the dogs were so cute as flowers last year that they decided to do it again.  All that recycling freed me up to focus on Dagny's costume.  I am super proud of how her Little Mermaid ensemble turned out.  In fact, I have just decided that it is so epic it deserves it's own post. I will get to work on that. Meanwhile, enjoy the costumes from Halloween '11. 

The Little Mermaid

 Captain Hammer (who did not want to pose for pictures)

Frenchie Flowers, and a Bee

 special guest flower, Caitlin, one of Envy's puppies


  1. Dagny's costume is a nice homage to her love of the Little Mermaid when she was girl. No "hot dog" this time, she's got legs!

  2. Awesome! I LOVE Dagny's costume! My girls do too! So nice! And the dogs are adorable!