Friday, November 11, 2011

End Zone

SRV Freshman Football 2011
9 - 1
Division Champions


There are things I will not miss about football season (washing football laundry!) but there are plenty of things that I'm sad are over.  I love going to the weekly games, I love seeing Dane in his uniform, watching him play, seeing him interact with his teammates... It's all good and it's been a great season. Dane has worked hard everyday since June and he learned a lot about football and about himself. Dane isn't sure that he will play football next year so this season and all his experiences are even more meaningful. The last game of the season was a huge win over their cross-town rival, Monte Vista, so the Freshman Wolves get to go out on top with the ultimate bragging rights.  Not a bad way to end it all.

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  1. I also had fun watching Dane's games this season, his team was very exciting. I'm proud of him for putting in the work and sticking with it.