Monday, November 7, 2011

Steel Magnolias

Dagny has been acting and dancing since she was quite young.  She has been involved in countless performances over the years and usually I'm involved backstage in some way. I do hair and make-up, costuming, stage management etc... Most of the time when she was dancing I was watching from the wings, I never watched a performance from the audience.  When she was in a play and I did get a chance to actually sit in the audience, I had been involved in the production so there was no element of surprise, I knew what was coming.  Steel Magnolias was the first major thing she's ever been involved in that I had nothing to do with. Even though I had seen the movie and knew the story, I had no idea what the show was going to be like. I loved walking into the theater with a feeling of anticipation. Before the first show I'm fairly certain that I was more nervous than Dagny, but I should have known that my nervousness was completely unnecessary. Dagny, and the entire cast, were amazing.  The set was so well done and the costuming was spot-on.  It was such a professional production, truly impressive.  Dagny's character, M'lynn, is the emotional center of the show, when she gives her final monologue it leaves the audience in tears.  As an audience member I cried along with everyone else, as her mother I was completely blown away by what Dagny did on that stage.  As M'lynn would say, "It was one of the most precious moments of my life, thus far."  

the set

the cast


  1. Congrats to Dagny and her cast...sounds like an excellent production. i wish I could have been there to see it! Hopefully you will be able to get some pics through the school!

  2. We hope that you recorded her performance so that we can watch it when we visit. Congrats to Dagny!!!