Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girls and Gowns

Raising teenagers is not without it's challenges (which is a nice way of saying teenagers are frustrating and annoying) but it also has some perks.  For me, one of those is helping Dagny prepare for life's big, milestone events.  Since this is Dagny's junior year, the big event on the horizon is Junior Prom.  We have spent hours looking at dresses, talking about hair styles and accessories, discussing footwear, and planning the perfect prom party.  This is definitely the fun part of having a teenage daughter. 

I love Dagny's sense of style, she knows what she likes and she has no desire to look like everyone else.   I was very glad about that when we started looking at dresses and realized that the majority of the options would look more appropriate on a 30 year old than they would on a 16 year old. ( Google prom dresses, you'll see what I mean) The kind of dress Dagny wanted was not what we were seeing anywhere but we figured it had to exist somewhere, and we found it once we stopped looking for "prom dresses". Once we broadened our search, there it was.  Before we ordered it Dagny tried on similar silhouettes to make sure that not only would what she wanted look good on her, but also to see if she could move, dance and be comfortable in a ball gown.  The closest thing the store had to the dress we were ordering was a wedding dress.  I had the most surreal moment of my life when I watched my 16 year old walk out of the dressing room in a wedding gown.  It was a beautiful sight, but not one that I need to see again anytime soon.  

We ordered her dream dress and now we are anxiously awaiting it's arrival and anticipating all the shopping we will get to do for shoes and jewelry.  Being a girl is so much fun.

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