Sunday, September 30, 2012

Furry Grandkids

I think puppy sitting must be what it's like to have grandchildren.  The precious little darlings stay with you for a few days and you get to play with them and spoil them and show them off to everyone but then they go back home and you don't actually have to do all the work of raising them.  (and by raising I mostly mean potty train) 

Summer's son, Steve, and her grandson, Chuck, (Summer and her daughter, Sabrina, had litters at the same time. Dogs can do things like that) came to stay for a few days and we got to bask in the puppy love.  Puppy sitting is actually a lot of work but you don't even thing about that because you have a snuggly, sweet puppy to play with. Human Steve was especially enamored of puppy Steve, it was a bromance.  At 4 months old the puppies are almost as big as Gwen, she looked at them and saw playmates and they had all kinds of fun wrestling and chasing each other.  Oddly, Summer and Gavin had zero interest in the pups, but they were they only ones.  We took them downtown every morning and found out that two baby Frenchies cause quite a frenzy. Furry grandkids are the best. 

Steve and Steve 

Chuck and Steve

Puppies make everyone happy

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  1. The only bad thing about puppy-sitting is it breaks your heart when they have to go back home.