Thursday, November 1, 2012

Deja Vu

Second World Series championship in three years, that means San Francisco gets another parade. I think this one was even louder and more crowded than 2010, it was such a party.  Steve and I were on our own this time, neither one of the kids could get out of school. (there are no words to describe Dagny's devastation) We got there early and got an excellent viewing spot and then had fun people watching before the parade. (Giants parade on Halloween in SF, you can bet there was a lot of interesting things to see) I loved watching the players go by, they were having as much fun as the fans. The atmosphere all day was pure joy, it was love and madness all dressed up in orange and black.  An entire city gathered in celebration, completely amazing. Oh, and Tony Bennett was there. What city could possibly be more awesome than San Francisco?


  1. Quite an event, and getting there and back is half the experience: buses, trains, and walking down orange and black confetti carpet in the middle of Market Street.

  2. They didn't legalize pot in CA in this election like CO and WA, but it looked that way in SF for the Giants party. SFPD took the day off of enforcing victim-less crimes, and (shock!) nothing happened and no one cared.

  3. Sad to see the Padres come up short of the playoffs but I can't help but root for the Giants when we are not playing them. Looking forward to next year already!