Friday, March 6, 2009

Do The Math

I left Dane in the car while I went to pay his piano teacher. When I came back he was laughing hysterically. That is never a good sign. To amuse himself for the all of 5 minutes that I was gone he took dozens of pictures of himself. My kids are no strangers to taking goofy pictures, but Dane had gone above and beyond. I loved it. I looked through the shots and I ended up laughing hysterically. Dane really is the comic relief.


  1. Thats hilarious! Whenever my cell phone is missing I know that it is is the hands of my 5 year old. Brigitta loves to not only take pictures of herself and others but video clips as well. I will tell her she has a partner in crime.

  2. Ahh, Dane. What will that boy grow up to be?
    A Comedian?
    A Photographer?
    Or some form of circus entertianment?
    Hardest thing to consider is that he might grow out of being a monkey altogether.