Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Family That Plays Together...

We are a very competitive bunch. We like to play games together but it doesn't always end well. Family games often end with pouting on one side and gloating on the other. Steve and Dagny are very magnanimous winners, they are a little less gracious when losing. Dane and I can be a little exuberant when we win. Dane even has a dance that accompanies his winning. This doesn't stop us from playing cards and board games together, but it has hampered our family enjoyment of the Wii. We bought the Wii to enhance our family game night, and for awhile we all had fun together, until Dane got better than the rest of us. He wins every single time at every single game.

        intently trying to win                                                                                  barely trying, still winning

this is what winning looks like 

This is not a problem if you don't mind losing to him, but Steve and Dagny do not enjoy losing, so that leaves Dane with only me to play with. I don't really pose much of a challenge for him, but we play MarioKart, and we have a good time. (I now know more about the Mario Universe than I ever thought I would) I like that Dane wants me to play with him, we really do have fun, but I have a secret hope that one of these days I will come in first and beat him. I know, dream big.

Dane's Wedding Cake


  1. The cake is AWESOME!!!! I love that you play games as a family. We try to, but my kids are really little, so it is not that exciting yet. And the girls usually don't understand the rules, so we end up playing some strange alternate version of the game, but I hope it will grow into what you guys enjoy! Keep playing!

  2. That is one of the things I love most about home schooling, spending quality time with my children. As competitive as I am, I have learned over the years to lose with grace and dignity when it comes to playing games with them.

    I love the cake, where did you get it? When the time comes for Mar-Kell to marry, the bride and groom on top will each be holding a light-saber.

  3. I ran across the Mario cake picture on some website, I thought it was awesome. Do a Google Image search for "geek cake" you won't believe how many hilarious cakes there are. (most of them have a Star Wars theme)