Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tiare Maere Hia

Another Dagny-centric post, she's been a busy girl.

Whenever your kids are involved in things, that means that you're involved. Funny how that always happens. Dagny had a lot going on this weekend, so that meant I had a lot going on. It was the closing weekend of Fiddler, and a dance competition. Fiddler doesn't involve me much, I was the backstage mom at the Saturday matinee, watched the show closing night, then drove Dagny and her friends to the cast party. The dance competition is another story, it's labor intensive. I have to get Dagny's costume ready, braid her hair, drive, help in the dressing room, do the dancers make-up, take lots of pictures, and then discuss every nuance of the performance on the way home. I also get to have a really good time hanging out with my Tahitian dancer.

Here is a breakdown of the weekend by the numbers;

2 - how many times I watched Fiddler On The Roof
8 - trips to the Village Theater
11:30 - time we got home on Saturday night after the cast party
1 hour - how long it took to braid Dagny's hair
6 - number of french braids
1:00 am - time I went to bed
4:30 am - time I got up
2 - hours to drive to Merced
8:30 am - checked in at the competition
4 hours - how long we waited in the dressing room before the performance
7 minutes - how long Dagny was on stage
102 - pictures taken
5 hours - spent waiting for the awards ceremony
10 minutes - length of the awards ceremony
0 - number of awards won
2 - hours to drive home
24 hours - to recuperate

the result of the braids

drummers, musicians, dancers

lovely dancers

part of Tiare Maere Hia


  1. Nice to see Dagny front and center where people can see the beautiful flower that she is. Where does the time go... she looks like a young woman!

  2. Beautiful pictures, nice costume, lovely hair, and an amazing head piece!!! Dagny has grown so much...I still think of her as an adorable little girl, and now she is all grown up. Arianna really wants to dance, and I hope that we can get her into lessons soon. I think it is an area that she would blossom in.

  3. The pictures are absolutly stunning. It was a real treat getting to see Dagny dance. Thanks for sharing.