Friday, October 16, 2009

Gavin and Gwen

No, not that Gavin and Gwen

This Gavin and Gwen

We didn't set out to name our dogs after the Stefani/Rossdales, but it seems that we have. People think we named them after rock stars because we're just that cool, actually it was a coincidence.

The transition from one dog to two has been easier than we thought. Gavin has welcomed his daughter into his life with a great deal of patience and good will. They are absolutely hilarious together and watching them chase each other and wrestle around is quite entertaining. Having a puppy is a wonderful thing, I highly recommend it.


  1. Your puppy pics are so cute! I know I've said this before, but my girls are dying to get a puppy! And now that our house is almost done, Arianna has started talking to me about going to get her puppy as soon as we move. Yikes! She will be sad when we can't go and get one that soon. I just don't think that getting a puppy, and then leaving it home alone all day, everyday, is very fair to the puppy. So we have to wait till I can find a way to work from home. Then we can get a puppy. I hope they can wait till then!

  2. We are excited to meet Gavin and Gwen, (the dogs) especially Kendrick and Brigitta. As for recommending a puppy, well I guess it depends on the size of your puppy. I am most anxious for ours to grow out of her puppy stage although we have puppy proofed our entire backyard now. Cute pictures!

  3. How funny. I think you have naturally stylish taste in all matters Natasha.