Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is Halloween

The True Meaning of Halloween -
Costumes and Candy

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice

Roman Legionnaire


*special bonus costume
Dagny dressed up for school as a "typical teenager"


  1. Love the costumes! Did you sew Dagny's dress, it was beautiful.

  2. Love the costumes...and I loved Dagny's dress. Nice choice. The organized candy was also a nice touch. I remember doing that every halloween. :)

  3. Can't take credit for making the dress,(I don't sew) I got it in a vintage clothing store years ago. When Dagny decided what she was going to be I pulled out the dress and it was perfect.

    The organized candy cracks me up, they do that every year. When they were younger we used to use their Halloween candy as a math activity and count, sort and graph it.

  4. LOL... sheesh, I need to trick or treat in your neighborhood. Where else do they give away full size vs snack size bars. So are you planning to getting an electric fence around Dagny pretty soon to keep the boys away?