Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghosts Of Halloween Past

Picking what you're going to be for Halloween is a big decision. Dagny and Dane take dressing up very seriously, they start thinking about costumes and discussing options months in advance. I have very little to do with their decision making process, so when they decide to coordinate their costumes it literally brings a tear to my eye. (you know how I love matching) Even though they grew out of dressing as a pair, (we all knew the day would come) it's always interesting to see what costuming creativity they come up with.

Woody & Cowgirl Jessie

The Skywalker Twins

Lilo & Stitch

Arwen & Aragorn

Geisha & Ninja

Fairy & Hot Dog

San (from Princess Mononoke)
Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes)


  1. What wonderful memories, they are all so creative. I can't wait to see what their choice of costume is this year.

  2. Such great costumes!!! I especially love the ones where they dressed as a pair. So cute! My girls are very excited to dress up today. Happy Halloween!

  3. Too cute!!! I can't imagine Dagny with chubby cheeks but there she was!

  4. Adorable..God (no pun intended) time flies by.